“Read” your crochet

Some time ago I discussed 4 strategies against mistakes in crochet and knitting. In my opinion the most important strategy is learning to “read” your work. In this article I would like to develop this a bit further when it comes to crochet. My first advice is to stop frequently to admire what you just […]

Rhombique – pattern update

The “adapted” chart in the Rhombique pattern has been corrected and updated. Now the pattern contains two charts, one in the “universal”, Barbara Walkerish style, and one with clear indications of the dc placement in the mosaic pattern. These overlay mosaic crochet bags were one of the most popular designs at the shows I attended […]


Want to play with me? This is a bingo game just for fun, to be adapted to all your yearnings, carefully planned projects and changes of heart! Your own interpretations of the prompts are welcome – play along to the end of the year! Here is the pdf version if you want to print it […]

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