Crochet socks!

To be completely honest, when it comes to socks, I tend to turn to knitting… But you can also make great socks in crochet! This gorgeous crochet sock pattern named Marguerite was designed by my friend Sylvie Damey. Worked in tall stitches, the Marguerite socks are fast to make! The new sock yarn with hemp […]

3 kinds of swatches

Swatching! Do you like it? Do you hate it? Why do we swatch? There are many types of swatches. There is the “insurance” swatch, the one you make (or know you should make) more or less grudgingly (often more) before you can launch into your new project. This swatch is your insurance for obtaining a […]

Sun motif

A third motif from my 2016 Advent Calendar. At the time, I saw a star at the center of this motif, now I see a sun ! One of the participants used this motif to make a colourful blanket – perhaps you would like to do so as well? You can download the pattern for […]

A very special skein

Staying at home and going through your yarn stash? Sometimes you find a single, very special skein of yarn, that doesn’t really fit with any pattern. A few years ago, I wrote in my newsletter about how I went about using one of those stray, beautiful skeins. The article is in two parts: Part 1 […]

Three-colour motif

A second motif from my 2016 Advent Calendar. What would you like to make with this one? In my Advent calendars, the mini projects are presented step by step over 4 or 5 days (depending on complexity). It a mini mystery CAL and sometimes, I build in a small surprise. Here, the motif starts out […]

Substituting yarn

You know that I firmly believe that playing with yarn is a very efficient way to relieve anxiety – and this is something I think most of us need right now. However, you might want to start a project for which you do not have the prescribed yarn at home. And for many of us, […]

Flower Brooch in leftover yarn

Here is my little layered flower, made using the tutorial I discussed yesterday. I made it with some leftover Zauberball yarn. Since this yarn changes colours slowly, I took out some yarn between the layers to get better contrast. So now I have a couple of tiny yarn balls. I might use them to make […]

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