North Star

Many people start their year with resolutions, goals, intentions, a word of the year … or a North Star to guide their path. This is a small star to crochet at the beginning of a new year, or at any other time. Techniques and abbreviations:MC: main colourCC: contrast coloursl st: slip stitchch: chainsc: single crochethdc: […]

A winter light

A quick project to light up the winter darkness – a candle holder dressed up in crochet. If using a real candle, please make sure that the flame does not, under any circumstances, come into contact with the crocheted cover. If in doubt, use a LED candle. We don’t want 2020 to end in a […]

Funky Doily (or whatever)

Sometimes, the simplest things become classics. This is the case with this simple square that can be used as a doily, as a blanket square, as a cushion cover, or whatever you want it to be. 14 years after the first publication of this free pattern, on the Crochet Me website in 2006, I have […]

Sun motif

A third motif from my 2016 Advent Calendar. At the time, I saw a star at the center of this motif, now I see a sun ! One of the participants used this motif to make a colourful blanket – perhaps you would like to do so as well? You can download the pattern for […]

Three-colour motif

A second motif from my 2016 Advent Calendar. What would you like to make with this one? In my Advent calendars, the mini projects are presented step by step over 4 or 5 days (depending on complexity). It a mini mystery CAL and sometimes, I build in a small surprise. Here, the motif starts out […]

Flower Brooch in leftover yarn

Here is my little layered flower, made using the tutorial I discussed yesterday. I made it with some leftover Zauberball yarn. Since this yarn changes colours slowly, I took out some yarn between the layers to get better contrast. So now I have a couple of tiny yarn balls. I might use them to make […]

Love Scarf

In 2005 I made a scarf for the man I love. The pattern was published on the website Crochet Me. 15 years later, I still love the same man. But the Crochet Me site has changed owners, form and shape several times, and the link to the pattern is sometimes lost in the process. And […]

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