Pascale’s Shawl

Five years ago, in my newsletter for May 2015, I discussed three ways to construct a triangular crochet shawl. Pascale from the blog Pascale Passions Partages was looking for a simple pattern for a self-striping yarn and found my article. She went for method 1, the top-down triangle, using the basic pattern as written, and […]

Blue Song – crochet shawl

I’m so happy to introduce a new design by EclatDuSoleil/Hélène Marcy: the Blue Song shawl! A beautiful design in laceweight yarn. The pattern gives you two borders to choose from, and you can, of course, place your colours any way you like! A “colour block” style in three shades – here worked in laceweight bamboo […]

Love Scarf

In 2005 I made a scarf for the man I love. The pattern was published on the website Crochet Me. 15 years later, I still love the same man. But the Crochet Me site has changed owners, form and shape several times, and the link to the pattern is sometimes lost in the process. And […]

Knit legwarmers!

One ball of Zauberball 100, a simple pattern, and here we go! A pair of legwarmers which will keep your calves warm and pretty! Smurf-coloured leggings completely optional – in my latest video podcast, you can see them worn on black (stepping on the table). And better still: with 1 ball of Zauberball 100, the […]

Inspiration for Guinguette

Part of my inspiration for my new knitted shawl design Guinguette came from this book by Ingrid Fetell Lee: Joyful – The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness. The idea of the author, backed by her thorough investigations is that some things are universally joyful! Among these things are vivid colours and […]

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