Kits for the Blue Song shawl

I have several kits in store for you, to make a two-colour version of the beautiful Blue Song shawl, designed by EclatDuSoleil!

In Beth Chatto and Covent Garden :

You can complement the delicately nuanced freesia (Beth Chatto) either with the elegant grey Romeo (Covent Garden)

or with the warm brown Othello (Covent Garden).

Another suggestion is to combine the zesty green Juliette (Covent Garden) with the charcoal Campêche with a hint of violet (London).

And as a foreboding of spring, this fresh combination of the sweet freesia (Beth Chatto) and the crisp cream (London).

The pattern is not included in the kit – if you haven’t purchased it already, click here to find it.

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