A winter light

A quick project to light up the winter darkness – a candle holder dressed up in crochet. If using a real candle, please make sure that the flame does not, under any circumstances, come into contact with the crocheted cover. If in doubt, use a LED candle. We don’t want 2020 to end in a […]

Circaetus, crochet shawl

I’m very happy to introduce my new design: the shawl Circaetus! This pattern was inspired by a series of tutorials on the work in one loop only, published this spring in my newsletter. Circaetus is worked almost entirely in the front loop only. Not only does this add a lovely, subtle texture, but it also […]

When Chantal crochets wool and silk

I received a very inspiring email from my customer and friend Chantal, who said: What a joy to work the London yarn with patterns designed by EclatDuSoleil! London is a laceweight wool and silk yarn, exclusive to my shop. Here Chantal started by working the center of the Celeste shawl. She got inspired and added […]


I’m so happy to introduce a new pattern by the ever so talented EclatDuSoleil: Candide, a crochet shawl. Simple stitches combined with Hélène’s masterful design sense make for a superbly elegant accessory, here worked in my laceweight wool and silk yarn London. Learn more about Candide in the shop.

Wool Finest: In proper light

A new, gorgeous colour in the Wool Finest range: In Proper Light. This is a green-tinted yellow, with hints of grey. Beautiful on its own, I think it really shines combined with other colours. Or why not use one gorgeous skein and make a luscious little project, such as the Ava scarf: Wool Finest is […]

Funky Doily (or whatever)

Sometimes, the simplest things become classics. This is the case with this simple square that can be used as a doily, as a blanket square, as a cushion cover, or whatever you want it to be. 14 years after the first publication of this free pattern, on the Crochet Me website in 2006, I have […]

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