Want to play with me? This is a bingo game just for fun, to be adapted to all your yearnings, carefully planned projects and changes of heart! Your own interpretations of the prompts are welcome – play along to the end of the year! Here is the pdf version if you want to print it […]

3 kinds of swatches

Swatching! Do you like it? Do you hate it? Why do we swatch? There are many types of swatches. There is the “insurance” swatch, the one you make (or know you should make) more or less grudgingly (often more) before you can launch into your new project. This swatch is your insurance for obtaining a […]

Spring In the Shade of Leaves

Do you know the shawl In the Shade of Leaves, designed by EclatDuSoleil? It’s an asymmetric triangle with an elegant, yet simple stitch pattern, and clever shaping. The finishing touch is a border with small leaves that I find both beautiful and whimsical. The shawl in the photo was worked in a wool yarn, but […]

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