Mosaic crochet: fixing a mistake – Newsletter August 2019

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Learn how to make the crocheted fringe in the Paving pattern in this video tutorial:

Mosaic crochet: fixing a mistake

Let’s finish our exploration of mosaic crochet by learning how to fix a mistake!

This is the most common mistake in one-row mosaic crochet (in any case, the one I make most frequently!): forgetting a dc.

This is my current work in progress, a bag in mosaic crochet. I’m happy with the stitch pattern and the colors of the organic cotton, but my oh my, I forgot a dc in the center motif in the photo – and I didn’t see it until much later.

Let’s have a closer look:

The sc at arrow 1 shouldn’t be an sc at all, but a dc, made by inserting the hook in the sc two rows below, at arrow 2.

I’m going to make a dc after the fact to make up for the one I forgot.

I start with a slip knot, as for a new project.

Yarnover to start the dc. I must maintain the yo and the first loop on the hook with my finger – if not, things start to unravel very easily.

I make sure I know exactly in which stitch I should insert my hook to make the dc. To make things easier, I fold my work and insert the hook under the remaining front loop in this stitch.

I pull up a loop so I have three loops on the hook, as for any dc. The only difference is the need to make sure they don’t go anywhere by keeping my finger on the loops, releasing them only as I work the dc.

This is my finished dc! It is attached to the work only at the bottom for now. I fasten off as usual. I now have two yarn ends – one at the start of the dc and one at the end.

I thread the “starting yarn end” on a tapestry needle. I insert this needle to the right of the sc that should have been a dc, and pull the end through to the back of the work. To make sure the slip knot isn’t visible from the right side, I might need to give the yarn end a slight tug.

I repeat this with the “end yarn end,” inserting my tapestry needle to the left of the sc.

Done! Well, almost – I only need to weave in the ends at the back. No one can tell that I had forgotten a dc in this spot!

Here is the same procedure in video:

This tutorial is the last one in my series on mosaic crochet. In the coming months, we are going to go back to some crochet basics, so we can crochet (even) better!

See you soon!

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