Ease into mosaic crochet with Maya

Maya cowl – pattern available in English and Spanish

Please welcome the Maya cowl! The pattern is available both in English and in Spanish.

This cowl is worked in the easy technique known as inlay mosaic crochet. This is mosaic crochet worked in two-row stripes, carrying up the yarn along the selvedge, yielding only a few ends to weave in.

The pattern is achieved by working simple stitches (chains, sc’s and dc’s), using only one colour per row.

The mosaic panels are explained both with a chart and with detailed written instructions. It’s a great first mosaic crochet project if you think charts are daunting! (And check out the link to my ebook below!)

If you want to know more about inlay mosaic crochet, download my ebook Understanding Inlay Mosaic Crochet. It contains all the information you need to read and work any inlay mosaic chart!

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