Advent Calendar 2018 – Flower 4, step 5

Almost finished!

And today’s step is definitely different from the previous ones.

When working this step, leave a good length of yarn as tails at the beginning and end of each little item.

Ch 4, close to a ring with 1 sl st in 4th ch from hook.

Round 1 : Ch 1 (do not count as a st), 6 sc in ring, close the round with 1 sl st in first sc.

Round 2 : Ch 1 (do not count as a st), 1 sc in each st, close the round with 1 sl st in first sc.

Fasten off.

Flip over the little “cup” (the wrong side is facing out and you are looking at the first round). Thread the starting tail on a tapestry needle. Weave through the stitches in the first round.

Push the needle down through the hole in the middle of the ring formed by the starting chain and tighten.

Set aside.

Make 2 more pieces in the same way.

Tomorrow is the very last installment in this year’s Advent Calendar – the finishing of this flower.

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