Advent Calendar 2018 – Flower 4, finishing

We are going to finish our last flower!

Take one of the round “cups” made yesterday. Cut both yarn tails to the same length and thread them on a tapestry needle.

Weave the yarns through the stitches in the second round and tighten to form a small ball.

Sew this ball to the round disc at the center of the flower.

Repeat for the two other small “cups”. Weave in the ends at the back of the center disc – I took the opportunity to tighten the middle hole in the disc when doing this.

Special stitch:
sc2tog in two tips: insert hook in the first tip and pull up a loop, insert hook in the second tip and pull up a loop, yo and pull through the 3 loops on the hook.

Border around flower:
Each petal has 7 tips.

Attach yarn with a sc2tog in the last tip of a petal and the first tip in next petal.

Repeat (ch 4, 1 sc in next tip) twice

ch 4, [1 sc, ch 3, 1 sc] in the tip at the top of the petal

Repeat (ch 4, 1 sc in next tip) twice

ch 4, sc2tog in last tip of petal and first tip of next petal;

Repeat from * to end of round, replacing last “sc2tog” by a sl st in first “sc2tog” of round.


If you want to, you can mount your flower in a metallic circle (sold as dreamcatcher circles here in France). The size of the circle depends on the size of your flower. For this flower, which is larger than the previous ones, I used a 15 cm (6″) circle.

Attach the yarn by working 1 sc around the circle, leaving a relatively long yarn tail. Insert your hook under the cercle, as you would with a ring of chain stitches at the beginning of a motif worked in the round.
Work 1 sc inserting your hook under the circle and through the 3-ch space at the tip of a petal.

Continue working in sc around the circle, to the point where you attach the next petal. Since the circle is larger than the previous ones, there are more sc to be made between the petals. I worked 26 sc between each petal.

The finishing is the same as previously :
Once all leaves are attached and sc’s have been worked all around the cercle, fasten off and knot the two yarn tails (start and end) together firmly. Pass the two tails through the eye of a yarn needle. If you are not happy with the positioning of your flower, you can work the yarn tail through the stitches at the back of the flower to the tip of the leaf you want to have at the top center.
Insert the yarn needle from back to front through the “foot” of the sc attaching the leaf to the circle.
Insert the needle from front to back in the top of the same stitch.
Remove needle and make a loop with the yarn tails to suspend your flower

This is the last flower in the 2018 Advent Calendar. The English instructions for the three previous ones were published on my French blog (as downloadable pdfs in each blog post). If you want to enter the prize drawing you have until January 13th, 2019 to publish a picture of your finished flower(s) in the dedicated Facebook group or to send one to me by email.

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