Advent Calendar – Round-up 4

The time has come to show you how the participants in the Advent Calendar interpretated my flower design number 3.

These rosebuds on a background of slender leaves were very popular – even if many among us wondered what the first steps would lead to!

Beautiful winter roses by Sabine, Annie, Brigitte, Camille, Catherine, Claire, Claire, Fabienne and Flo.

Lovely bouquets by France, Laurence, Marie-Aude, Marie-Hélène, Martina, Mireille, Moucui, Myriam and Nathalie.

Glorious bunches by Raphaël, Sandrine, Shaylee, Sophie, Stéfany, Sylvie, Sylvie, Valérie and Valérie!

Each flower has its own character, reflecting each crocheter’s creativity!

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2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – Round-up 4

  1. Hi, I have received issue 81 of Simply Crochet today and it states you are offering a free pattern for a 3 layered flower to make as a brooch, but I cannot find it on your blog. Can you please advise where I may find this? I love finding your work and will be making some as soon as I can! Regards Hazel.

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