Circaetus – the shape

The pattern for the Circaetus shawl is now also available in Spanish!

It’s the perfect time for me to discuss this pattern in detail. Today I want to share my ideas behind the shape chosen for Circaetus.

The triangle is a classic when it comes to shawl shapes. It’s easy to crochet a square, and a triangle is basically half a square.

However, there are many ways to reinvent the classics! When it comes to shawls, I do appreciate the shape of an elongated triangle, where the side tips are longer and the shawl not so deep at the tip. Nine times out of ten, I wear my triangular shawls like a bandana with the center tip at the front. The elongated side tips are just perfect to knot the shawl for comfort and style.

When moving away from the basic half square, you need to create different increases at the beginning and end of the rows, as compared to the increases at the center tip. It’s a nice little challenge for me, as the designer. If you are following the pattern, you need only to be a little bit more careful in these places and follow the instructions – it will work out perfectly.

And there we have it, a beautiful, elongated triangle, like a bird opening its wings. A shape that is both simple and sophisticated.

To celebrate the publication of the pattern in Spanish, I’m putting out a special, time-limited offer:

When you purchase simultaneously the Circaetus pattern (in the language of your choice) and 4 balls of Balayage (the amount needed to make the shawl), the pattern is free. All you need to do is to put the Circaetus pattern and 4 balls of Balayage in your cart on my website – the price for the pattern will be deducted before your payment.

Please note that this is a time-limited offer, applicable only to orders placed before midnight on Sunday February 12, 2023 (Paris time).

Also, please note that shipping may be a bit delayed because of my participation in the Love Yarn Madrid show in Spain, which will require quite a few days away from the office.

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